Carolus IT Services has 12+ years of experience in all layers of the Java EE (J2EE) stack, with products like Google App Engine, JBoss App Server and WebSphere Commerce Server, with ERP-integration and SOA architecture, plus various frameworks and API's.

Java Competencies

Programming Languages
Java10+ yrs•••••2012
Java Back-End Frameworks
EJB2, JMS, JDBC10+ yrs•••••2012
EJB3, JPA1-4 yrs••••2012
XML, XSL, XSD, XPath, JAXB7-10 yrs••••2012
Web Services, Axis4-7 yrs••••2012
Hibernate3-6 yrs•••2010
Apache FOP (PDF reports)5-7 yrs••••2011
Quartz5-7 yrs•••2011
Spring1 yrs••2008
JCIFS (Samba)1-3 yrs••2004
XDoclet5-7 yrs••••2011
JUnit1-4 yrs•••2012
Java Web Frameworks
Servlets, JSP, JSTL, EL10+ yrs•••••2012
JSF, Facelets, Richfaces1-4 yrs•••2010
HTML, CSS, JavaScript10+ yrs••••2012
jQuery, Ajax1-4 yrs••••2012
Java Portlets2-4 yrs••••2012
Struts 15-7 yrs•••••2011
Struts 21 yrs•••2008
JBoss Seam1-4 yrs•••2010
Stripes1-3 yrs••••2012
Lucene5-7 yrs•••2010
Java Client Frameworks
Swing, Java 2D, Web Start5-7 yrs•••••2012
Tools, etc.
NetBeans3 yrs••••2011
Eclipse5-7 yrs••••2012
IBM Rational WSAD1 yrs••2007
Ant10+ yrs•••••2011
Maven1-4 yrs•••2012
SQLDeveloper1-3 yrs•••2011
CVS4-6 yrs•••2007
SVN3 yrs•••2011
Harvest2 yrs•••2012
Products and middleware
JBoss App Server8-10 yrs••••2011
Tomcat8-10 yrs••••2011
Jetty1-2 yrs•••2008
Apache Web Server8-10 yrs•••2011
Google App Engine (cloud)1 yrs••2011
WebSphere App Server2-3 yrs••••2007
WebSphere Portal Server1-2 yrs•••2004
WebSphere Commerce Server1 yrs•••2007
Bea WebLogic Server2-4 yrs••••2012
Epicentric Portal Server1 yrs••2004
iPlanet Portal Server1 yrs••2004
SwiftMQ3 yrs•••2004
LDAP (various)3 yrs•••2004
Oracle8-10 yrs•••2011
IBM DB21-2 yrs•••2012
MySQL2-4 yrs•••2011
PostgreSQL1-2 yrs•••2007
Operating Systems
Linux (Debian, RHEL)10+ yrs•••2011
Solaris1-2 yrs••2001
Mac OS X10 yrs••••2011
MS Windows2-4 yrs•••2012
OOA, OOD, OOP10+ yrs••••2012
Agile development5-7 yrs•••2011
Scrum1 yrs2007
UML1-4 yrs••2006